What Does Cyber Security Look Like in 2023?

With new threats to cyber security arising every day, 2023 is already looking like a year that will put the security plans of small businesses of all kinds to the test.

Every business requires individually designed cyber security services, yet the basis of these services always lies with the same effective building blocks.

These tips from cyber security companies suggest ways that businesses can complement their professional cyber security services in 2023 to combat the rising numbers of threats that businesses are facing today.

  • Firewalls and Encryption – Firewalls and encryption on networks are a company’s first defense against cyber security threats and should be implemented companywide. 
  • Anti-Virus and Anti-Malware Tools – As part of a company’s cyber security services, appropriate anti-virus and anti-malware software should be installed as a second method of preventing attacks.  
  • Passwords and Multi-Factor Authentication – Develop a strong password creation protocol and require employees to activate multi-factor authentication on their devices and programs. 
  • Keep Track of Connected Devices – Monitor all devices that are connected to the company network and make rules about where and how they can be used. Prohibit use on unsecured networks and stress the importance of not losing company phones or laptops. 
  • Secure WiFi and Bluetooth Usage – Protect WiFi with strong passwords and turn off Bluetooth and GPS when devices are not in use, as both can be hacked and allow access to devices. 
  • Recognize Email and Text Threats – Emails and texts are the source of an alarming number of cyber security threats that make it onto the network where they can be launched. All employees should be trained on how to recognize these fraudulent communications and how to react when receiving one. 
  • Provide Employee Training – In addition to learning to recognize email and text threats, cyber security companies recommend providing security training for employees that explains company security protocols, access tiers, and other risk reduction methods as well as how protocols must be adhered to by all employees to promote a secure network environment.

Cyber security is a process that starts with basic common sense and secure business practices, then continues to include specific services that work for each individual business.

With more attacks happening every day and cyber threats becoming more complex and powerful, businesses should go into 2023 by taking a good look at their security practices, then finding new ways to implement them better.

An experienced cyber security service can help any business develop the security plan necessary to keep their networks safe in 2023.