Do Your IT Engineers Have These Key Cybersecurity Skills?

Cybersecurity services have become a specialty within the IT world.

Just because it has, that does not mean that resident IT engineers should not have a solid background in cyber defense, too.

For any business to maintain a secure network even when working with cyber security companies, these are some essential security skills their resident IT specialists should possess to complement the work that the specialists may do.

  1. Network Security – At the basis of all cyber defense plans is an IT engineer who has designed the company’s network. IT specialists should not only be skilled in cybersecurity but also understand how to implement it within the networks they design and maintain. 
  2. Cloud Infrastructure Security – Research finds that more than 10% of security breaches occur due to poor cloud configuration. Once again, IT engineers with a background in cybersecurity services can avoid this problem and build cloud-based networks more securely by incorporating the same security factors that cyber security companies will. 
  3. Anti-DDoS Security – DDoS attacks are common security issues that can affect even well-designed networks. Experienced IT engineers should have a thorough understanding of these attacks, how they happen, and what can be done within the network to reduce the chances of being affected by one. Preventing DDoS attacks is a part of basic network security that every IT engineer must address.
  4. End-User Security – Because IT engineers work closer to actual end-users, they have a better idea of the risks and mistakes that can happen from the end-user perspective. This knowledge, paired with specialized cybersecurity services, creates the most robust, secure network. 
  5. Security Analytics Capability – Above all, IT engineers must have the ability to decipher security analytics to detect vulnerabilities in company networks as well as the tools with which to do it. By collecting this data and understanding how it applies to various cybersecurity services, IT specialists can stay alert to developing risks and security issues that require intervention.

Noting these points, it is easy to see the importance that cyber defense plays in network design and upkeep from the start and how IT engineers are a critical part of that.

Companies may depend on cyber security companies for their specialized cybersecurity services, but for those to be effective, the network itself must be built with an understanding of security issues.

In this manner, even when outsourcing specialist cybersecurity services, in-house IT engineering plays a critical role in overall network security.